WOZA MOYA Large Bunny Kat Soft Toy 'Lemon & Lime'

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These delightful handcrafted Bunny Kats are sustainably made using fabric remnants that would otherwise become waste. They're lovingly made by artisans at Woza Moya in South Africa, a project by the Hillcrest AIDS foundation to help those affected with employment and care.


These Bunny Kats are making a positive difference in the lives of men and women affected/infected by HIV and AIDS. By making Bunny Kats, families have been fed, lights have been turned on, children have gone to school, water has poured out of taps but most importantly hope has been restored.


Material: Fabric remnants, Wool, Polyester Filling.

Sizing: 58cm Approximately 


Can be machine washed on a cool temperature setting, please remove all clothes and brooches before hand. Their clothes may be hand washed. Leave to dry naturally.