Olive Wood Double Bowl With Spoon


This stylish, sustainably hand carved double bowl is complete with a spoon that nestles into the top. Making a great addition to any modern kitchen, great for dips and entertaining.

Looking for a zero waste alternative to plastic? They also make great baby food bowls, and the spoon is perfectly shaped for little mouths.


Our contemporary hand carved utensils are crafted in Nairobi by Zephania and his small team. He uses Wild Olive and Neem wood that is all sustainably sourced from his plantation in Kenya, alongside bone and soapstone from a local quarry.

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Materials: Wild Olive Wood.

Sizing: 16cm long x 7cm wide x 4cm deep


Olive wood has an excellent reputation for being harder and less porous than other woods. We recommend hand washing your wooden utensils with a mild detergent and warm water. Avoid boiling water and dishwashers as high temperatures may cause the wood to expand and split. Always towel dry after washing to prevent moisture cracks.

The same measures apply to wooden utensils with horn or bone accents.

Treat them once a month with a food safe mineral oil (we like to use olive oil). Simply rub in a small amount with a soft cloth to condition the wood and restore its warm, polished look. 

Read more about how to care for your goods on our Care Guide.