Uganda Craft Collection Plate 'Whirlpool'

Sourced on co-founder Bee's most recent trip to Uganda, our Uganda Craft Collection basket style placemats are all hand woven using traditional natural dyes, sisal and raffia straw. They are amazingly strong and durable.

No two are woven the same, so only one of each is available. The perfect unique and special gift or individual art piece.


This plate has been made using traditional hand weaving techniques by groups of talented women-weavers living in Uganda.

This sale encourages the craft of weaving to continue being handed down from generation to generation and provides an alternative to poaching and farming during drought.

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Materials: Sisal, Raffia Straw, Natural Dye

Sizing: Diameter 29cm


Ugandan baskets and placemats are famously robust and versatile. They make beautiful fruit plates however we recommend storing soft fruits such as berries in the fridge and regularly inspecting harder fruits to make sure they have not become too soft to avoid fruit juice staining your basket. 

To clean your placemat simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or sponge, remove most of the moisture with a dry towel and leave to air dry naturally.

Avoid placing your plate in direct sunlight as this may cause some of the colours to fade.

Read more about how to care for your goods on our Care Guide.