The Chihuahua Greetings Card


In celebration of UNESCO World Poetry Day we have designed a range of colourful greetings cards featuring all your favourite furry friends. Why not write a poem and send it to a friend? Features a beautiful poem written by Freddy Reade on the back and left blank inside for your own creative scrawling. 

The Chihuahua
The smallest one of all the breeds,
Chihuahuas just aren't built for speed,
Nor built to scrap
(though they might think so),
This pup knows its luxuries though.
Particular and it wants the best,
Chihuahuas simply scorn the rest,
Why walk when you can travel round,
Inside a bag on shoulder bound?
The Chihuahua wears our Nebula Dog Collar.

Printed in the UK on 100% Recycled Card, supplied with a crisp white C6 envelope.


14.5cm x 10.5cm