Sacred Elephant Incense Selection- Kapha


A selection chose for the loving and naturally compassionate. The Kapha selection is the perfect antidote to lethargy and complacency. Enlivening the senses it compliments the dosha's elegant, serene calmness. You will receive a carefully chosen selection of the following scents:

  • Agarwood
  • Gaura Leela
  • Sayali Jasmine

    These handcrafted incense sticks are traditionally prepared using only the purest, highest quality ingredients provided by nature. 

    • Vegan
    • Produced Ethically in India
    • Pure Essential Oils
    • No Chemicals or Synthetic Ingredients
    • Plastic Free Packaging, Printed with Vegetable Dyes

    Each stick weighs just over 1 gram and is roughly 20cm long. Each pack contains 30 sticks- 10 of each scent. Each stick will burn for approx 40 - 45 mins.