Ocean Collection Narwhal Earrings


Inspired by our fragile oceans our beaded collection is handmade in India to the highest Fair Trade standards, using sustainable materials.

These Narwhal Earrings are inspired by magical Narwhals, unicorns of the sea. They have three painted brass spiral tusks hanging from a hammered brass wave and circle stud post, complete the look with our matching Narwhal Necklace.


Based in the Delhi area, our producers believe in being a catalyst to transform the cottage sector in India to organised business entities with the objective of helping create sustainable livelihoods for the marginalised with special emphasis on female empowerment.

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Materials: Brass, Patina Paint.

Sizing: 8.5cm x 3.5cm.


Our painted jewellery shouldn't need very much maintenance, pieces can be wiped over with a damp cloth and any brass accents, polished with a brass polish. 

Avoid prolonged contact with liquids and never spray with perfumes as this will cause the brass accents to tarnish quicker. 

Read more about how to care for your goods on our Care Guide.