Mud Cloth Cat Bow Tie

Treat your cat to this stylish bow tie. Handmade in our Margate workshop, our cat bow ties are light and comfortable to wear. Simply slip the elastic over your cat's existing collar or matching Hiro + Wolf Collar**.

About the print: Mud cloth, also known as  'Bògòlanfini' is a handmade Malian cotton fabric. It is one of Africa's most unusual and unique textiles and co-founder, Bee, brought back bundles of it from her most recent trip to her home continent. The marks and symbols on the cloths provided Amy with the inspiration for this original print. Mud Cloths, as the name suggests, are traditionally dyed using mud in chocolate and caramel tones but we've gone all out 80's brights for this bold new print.

* Due to the nature of this fabric the pattern placement will vary to the item photographed, making every bow tie unique.

**Collar sold separately. 



31.5cm cm long

(Cat collars are all adjustable, one size fits all)


Width- 6.5cm

Height- 5cm

(Designed to fit Hiro + Wolf cat collars or any 1cm wide cat collar)


Width- 7.5cm

Height- 6cm

(Designed to fit Hiro + Wolf cat collars or any 1cm wide cat collar)

For more information, please see our Size Guide.