LILY'S KITCHEN Christmas Treat Cracker For Cats (50g)

Share a theatrical surprise with your cat when you open this cracker of a gift!

Christmas is a time for sharing and favourite four-legged friends will adore this jolly cracker gift, hand drawn with a cosy fireside theme and stuffed full of our delicious baked Christmassy biscuits.

A charming box, hand drawn with a Christmas panto theme and filled with mouthwatering treats. Give the cracker a twist and your cat can discover the tempting treats within - each one bursting with naturally delicious turkey, chicken liver and cranberries. Wonderfully festive nibbles that every fussy feline will adore.


Freshly Prepared Turkey 13.5%, Dried Chicken Liver 14%, Potato 26%, Chicken Gravy, Vegetable Oil, Dried Shrimp, Plant Fibre, Cranberry 3.8%, Vitamins and Chelated Minerals, Gelatine, Fructooligosaccharides, Herring Broth, Whey Powder, Natural Antioxidants, L-Carnitine, Salt, Nutritional Yeast.