Indian Recycled Paper Diamond Light Shade 'Bronze Palms'

A modern take on a floral print, this bronze fan palm design is geometric and pretty. The recycled paper lamp gives an atmospheric glow, cheering up even the dullest of rooms. 

Sourced during our travels in India our light shades are handmade using 100% recycled paper in a socially accredited factory. 

In an effort to become a zero plastic business, we have decided not to produce the plastic bulb holders that came with our light shades. We found that the shade will happily sit on top of a standard light cord with no issues, no holder necessary. Please use an energy saving bulb with all of our light shades. 


Our origami paper lamps are patiently folded by Nishant and his team of highly skilled men in Jaipur. Made of recycled plain and patterned paper, these are cut into organic shapes to form what we think are unique and fun accessories. 

Read more about our Artisans here.


Materials: 100% Recycled paper.

Sizing: 63cm x 59cm

Please note, this product is made out of a natural fibre and it is highly recommended that an LED bulb is used with these shades. No bulb, ceiling rose, cabling or other electrical components are included. 


Our paper light shades are made using 100% recycled paper and Azo Free Dye. They are not suitable for bathrooms or any room with high moisture levels.

Avoid contact with water as this will cause damage to the paper and may cause the ink to run.

Always use low temperature, energy saving bulbs in paper shades and place in the acetate bulb holder provided. Follow the instructions provided for safe installation.

You may need to dust them off once in a while, we recommend using a feather or synthetic fluffy duster rather than a cloth so the folds remain undisturbed.

Avoid placing your light shade in direct sunlight as this may cause the colours to fade.  

Read more about how to care for your goods on our Care Guide.