Indian Indigo Block Printed Tiger Stripes Rugs '2 x 6ft'

Indian Indigo block printed rug. Handwoven with a traditional loom, our talented artisans spent a considerable amount of time and skill crafting this piece. Each block of fabric was printed and crafted individually, with invaluable, indigenous indigo dye. Boasting a bohemian, twisted tassel finish.

The rich, highly pigmented natural dye was even traded to the Greeks and Romans, where it was considered a true luxury.

Bring that same luxurious fabric into your own home with this handwoven indigo rug. Durable and washable, your authentic Indian rug can withstand heavy use, such as from pets and children. 


Made in a family ran workshop an hours drive from Jaipur by Nitesh and his team. Nitesh is dedicated to preserving the traditional art of block printing and employs around 300 weavers in the local area.

Read more about our Artisans here.


Materials: 100% Cotton & Natural Indigo Dye.

Sizing: 2 x 6ft


Our Indigo textiles are made using 100% cotton and natural Indigo dye, they can be machine washed on your coolest cycle (30degrees and below).

We recommend washing them separately the first few washes to avoid the indigo transferring onto other laundry.

They are not suitable for tumble drying, please leave your Indigo textiles to dry naturally.   

Avoid placing your Indigo in direct sunlight as this may cause the natural dye to fade slightly. 

Read more about how to care for your goods on our Care Guide.