Indian Hand Woven Cobalt Blue Zig Zag Rugs '150cm x 240cm'

This handwoven rug and wall hanging was skilfully crafted using mastered techniques. Its vivid colours and abstract design is a wonderful way to bring cultural art into your home. This rug boasts shimmering golden thread zig-zagging through the weave, and twisted tassels on either end.

Hours and hours have gone into the creation of your rug, ensuring the fantastic, hard-wearing quality. Our artisan's weaving techniques have been passed down through generations.

Use as either a wall hanging or rug. Ideal for anything from hanging above your bed, to placing in your living room, to filling that empty floor-space in your hall.


Julious is the talented artisan who makes all of our beautiful Kenyan wall hangings. All of the designs we sell in store and online have been designed by our co-founder, Amy, before being expertly hand crafted by Julious in Kenya.


Materials: Cotton, Natural Dyes.

Our Zig Zag rugs come in 3 sizes (Pictured).

Extra Large Cobalt Blue Rug- 150cm x 240cm 


Our zig zag rugs are made using 100% tightly woven Indian cotton with a gold thread running through. They are the same on the front and back, so you can always flip them over if any accidental stains occur.

These rugs are dry clean only. You may spot clean small spillages with a mild detergent and a wet cloth, always test a small area first and remember to rinse any detergent well. 

Avoid placing them in direct sunlight as this may cause the dye to fade slightly.

Read more about how to care for your goods on our Care Guide.