Ghanaian Woven Light Shade 'Monochrome- Black Band'

A collaboration between Artisans & Adventurers and Ghanaian weavers, discovered on co-founder Bee's recent trip to Ghana, these light shades are hand woven with hard wearing thick straw. The high quality of craftsmanship makes them a once in a lifetime purchase, if you can resist buying more than just one! They are a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to plastic lined shades. These light shades are handmade using traditional weaving technique, and due to the natural of the natural grass they may differ very slightly in size and shape.

The sale of our light shades encourages the craft of basket weaving to continue being handed down from generation to generation and provides an alternative to poaching and farming during drought.


Hand woven in Ghana in collaboration with a small weaving group.   


Materials: Elephant Grass 

Sizing:  Base diameter 26cm / Height 12cm 

Please note, this product is made out of a natural fibre and it is highly recommended that an LED bulb is used with these shades. No bulb, ceiling rose, cabling or other electrical components are included. 


We take great care when packing your shade- but your light shade may arrive folded or slightly out of shape. If this occurs, the Ghanaian light shades can be easily brought back to life with a quick steam using a steamer or steam setting on your iron. Steam the light shade and manually shape. Please be careful as the straw may be hot. 

To clean your Ghanaian light shade, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or sponge, remove most of the moisture with a dry towel and leave to air dry naturally.

Avoid placing your light shade in direct sunlight as this may cause some of the colours to fade.