Ghanaian Ashanti Brass Door Handle 'Dog'

Elegant hand cast Ghanaian door handle. Adorn your doors with this impressive and exotic handle to make your interior design stand out. 

Extraordinary craftsmanship and dedicated time went into creating your handle by our outstanding artisans from Ghana. 

Easy fitting and ready to attach. All you need is a couple of screws or nails, and you'll have yourself a symbolic and cultural addition to your home.


George is in charge of the group who make our beautiful brass hooks. knobs, and knockers. He is based in the capital of the Ashanti Region, Kumasi.

George began working with us in 2018 when Bee met him on her first trip. She bought approximately 20 hooks, and our partnership exploded from there.

Read more about our Artisans here.


Materials: Recycled Brass. No screws or nails included.

Sizing: Height 8cm x Width 15cm


Over time our recycled brass may start to tarnish slightly. You may prefer the brass when it becomes darker and more earthy, or you may prefer to restore your handle to its original, polished golden tone. 

The best way to polish your handle is to use a brass polish, we suggest Brasso (Always follow the instructions on the bottle). If you don't have any brass polish to hand, or prefer a more natural alternative, cover half a lemon in salt and rub over the brass until you see the tarnish start to lift, rinse well and polish dry with a soft cloth.