Ghanaian Ashanti Brass Hook 'Sun Mask'

Inspired by traditional hand carved Sun Masks, these beautiful hooks will have faces lighting up. The best way to be greeted when you get in and hang up your coat on the way in.   

These hand cast brass hooks have been lovingly made in Ghana, using traditional lost wax casting techniques. 


Hand cast in a small village outside Kumasi, Ghana by a family run workshop. The traditional craft of lost wax casting is handed down from generation to generation. 

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Materials: Recycled Brass. No screws or nails included.

Sizing: 15cm x 9cm


Over time our recycled brass hooks will start to tarnish slightly. Some prefer the brass when it becomes darker and more earthy. However you may prefer to restore your hook to its original polished gold tone. 

The best way to polish your hook is to use a brass polish, we suggest Brasso (Always follow the instructions on the bottle). If you don't have any brass polish to hand, or prefer a more natural alternative, cover half a lemon in salt and rub over the brass until you see the tarnish start to lift, rinse well and polish dry with a soft cloth. 

Avoid prolonged contact with liquids and never spray with room sprays as this will cause the brass to tarnish quicker. 

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