Jewellery Bags from Reclaimed Fabrics

September 10, 2015

Hiro + Wolf collaborates on a zero-waste project to make beautiful jewellery bags from colourful fabric scraps.

We fell in love with The African Shirt Company's 'Kitenge' fabric clothing after visiting the factory on a basket buying trip to Kenya last year. In the corner of the room huge bags of scraps left over from the shirts were piled in old maize sacks which company co-founder Lindi Campbell-Clause was at a loss with what to do with, it being against the brands strong environmental ethics to just throw them away. We were on the look out for a beautiful and re-usable way to package our jewellery and so production began.

The ASC is located in Kiteghe – a Kenyan village that is facing deforestation due to the lack of local employment. Farmers who are struggling with the climate change and lack of rain have resorted to clearing the trees in order to produce charcoal for firewood. They do this as a way of income, yet it causes the topsoil to be striped away when the rain comes, leaving no suitable soil for traditional farming – the villages top form of revenue. 

It is The African Shirt Company’s aim to provide locals with skills in pattern-making, cutting, and sewing which allows them the opportunity to earn an income that has a positive environmental impact. Local Kiteghe women make each shirt on a foot pedal machine out of bright African fabrics. The company also supports a reforestation project with Malewa Trust to promote environmental education and help preserve the delicate eco-system.

Every piece of A & A jewellery ordered through our website or store comes beautifully packaged in one of our stylish, salvaged scrap pouches. 

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