May 02, 2020


If you’re anything like us, you’re probably always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to style your home spaces. That’s why we've started a series over on our Instagram called #AASaturdayStyling to show you how we style different rooms and spaces in our own homes using a mixture of things you already own, vintage and charity shop finds and of course our own gorgeous ethical goods.
We think even the smallest changes and details have the power to completely change the feel of your space, especially when filling your home with artisanal products, made with so much love. Each week we'll showcase a different curated collection of products and give you some handy styling tips. You'll get the chance to learn more about where our goods come from, the story behind their production and more about the wonderful artisans who make them. Many of our goods are multi-purpose, so alongside a closer look, you'll get refreshing ideas on how to get the most out of your home decor.
Read on to find out what we've been up to over the last few weeks for #AASaturdayStyling or check out our Instagram Sticky Stories.
Our in-house superstar and Visual Merchandiser, Dani, created a beautiful outdoor breakfast table using a mixture of our indigo products alongside our Kenyan olive wood and Indian mango wood tablewares. She loves mixing our ethical homewares with some second-hand, charity shop finds, keeping her breakfast space ethical and sustainable. This beautiful blue-toned set-up can also be reproduced inside if you don’t have access to outside space or if the weather isn’t agreeable. Just make sure to start with a table and enough chairs to seat everyone. To start, she uses our Indian Indigo Tie Dye Cloths which come in three different designs (currently in the sale!). These cloths are wonderfully versatile and are tie dyed by hand in India using natural indigo dye. They also work excellently to provide more privacy or shade in your garden if you pop one over the line like Dani did, as well as providing the perfect backdrop for all your Instagram pics.
We love styling blankets and throws when dining outside as those chilly breezes can often sneak up on you. Dani chose our Tanzanian Hand Woven Throw in Cobalt Blue, hand woven from luxuriously soft Tanzanian cotton by a brilliant women’s co-operative in rural Tanzania. Our throws come in a range of colours with coordinating table cloths if you want to mix it up a little.
We recommend adding some cushions to your outdoor chairs for added comfort, Dani chose our Indigo Cushion Covers in the Squares and Combs designs (both of which can be found in the sale).
For the table centrepiece, we love using flowers, though we know they can be a little difficult to get hold of right now. If you don’t have access to any flowers, we recommend using some freshly cut herbs or even a houseplant instead. We have three different designs of our Small Kenyan Woven Baskets available, including Royal Blue & Natural, Turquoise and Natural or Blue and Natural Stripes. These baskets are the perfect size to pop a recycled jam jar inside making them great for displaying your flowers without the need for delicate vases that may break if being used outdoors.
We also suggest popping a fruit bowl on the table to encourage everyone to get their vitamins as well as adding a lovely pop of colour to the table. Dani used our Rwandan Bowl Basket in the Blue Camo Leaf design to compliment the mixed shades of blue.
Charity shops are great for finding unique, inexpensive items that you can mix and match depending on your styling. Whilst the charity shops are closed we recommend having a look on Ebay for any bargains that catch your eye. Dani paired her second hand plates with our Indian Mango Wood Monkey Puzzle Bowls available in both a large and a small size. The small bowls are the perfect size for fruit and yogurt or porridge whilst the large bowls are ideal for fruit salads or family servings of eggs, yogurt or cereals. For the finishing touches to her indigo breakfast table set up Dani added; our Kenyan Wood and Bone Picnic Set, one of our Olive Wood Butter Knives, a Heart Shaped Salt & Spice Dish and an Olive Wood Hook Handle Scoop.

Our very own Queen of colourful design and co-founder, Amy, transformed her guest room into a super cosy, colourful, work from home space and shared some great memories of working with our artisans, as well as a sneak peek of an exciting new design. Our new wool wall hangings featuring a fun cat design, hand crafted by Julius in Kenya.
 Amy also used our Rwandan Bowl Baskets in her room makeover, hanging them on the wall to create a visually pleasing focal point. She recommends mixing patterns and colour for a vibrant but cosy feel.
Amy shared some of her top tips on using second hand furniture and how to make the most out of your space by adapting it for different purposes. She uses one our wonderfully spacious Ghanaian Bolga Baskets for storing spare towels and linens, when the space is being used for guests. Her guest bed serves as a cosy spot to relax whilst taking a break. Made comfier with lots of cushions alongside our Coral Indian Block Printed Quilt. We recommend keeping a few good books nearby your workspace for when you need to relax or need some inspiration.
 Some of the finishing touches to Amy’s cosy workspace were our Ghanaian Crocodile Mask, Mango Wood Picture Frame, Rwandan Woven Vase, Tanzanian Table Cloth and Peach Zig Zag Rug.

If you want to see these beautifully styled spaces in closer detail and see all of the products in action, be sure to check out our past Saturday Styling Instagram stories, pinned to our profile and tune in today to see how our Head of Adventure and co-founder Bee styles her space. Please tag us on Instagram @artisansandadventurers and use the hashtag #AASaturdayStyling when using any of our styling tips or Artisans & Adventurers products in your own home.

Written By Leona Chapman

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