Meet the Team | Natalie

July 05, 2021

Meet the Team | Natalie

We are lucky enough to have a really fantastic team here at Artisans & Adventurers, and we thought it was time you got to know everyone a little bit better! This week we are getting to know Natalie...

What is your role with A&A and how long have you been part of the team?
My role is Shop Manager which I have been in for around 9 months.


Tell us 3 fun facts about you!
 1.  I love going out for weekend jaunts on the back of my partner Dave's motorbike.  We stay off main roads and take back roads through little Kent villages and along the Kent coast. 
2.  My step daughter owns a cat cafe in Tunbridge and I am incredibly proud of what she has achieved.  Her dedication to her furry friends has been admirable through the lockdown. 
3.  I love Wildlife Photography and escape to woods and wildlife parks whenever I can to photograph English wildlife at it's best.




Who is your biggest inspiration?

Well this has to be Bee and Amy!  They have worked so hard to build up Artisans And Adventurers to what it is today.  Their energy and enthusiasm is catching and I am so happy to be welcomed into their A&A family and given this opportunity to be part of such a vibrant and well meaning organisation.  they are both amazing to work with and I enjoy their company out of work as well.


What is your dream travel destination?
My dream travel destination would have to be Kenya to meet the people that make our baskets and soapstone. And to do some amazing wildlife photography!



What is your favourite A&A product & why?
My favourite product would be both the baskets and soapstone, as they are made really well. 


What 1 piece of advice would you give to help others live more sustainably / ethically?
Do what you can! 


You can read our previous interview with Irene herewith Leona herewith Bella herewith Amy here & with Bee here! If you'd like to know more about our team, click here. You can also get to know our artisans here.  

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