March 25, 2020


We know there’s a lot going on at the moment and everyone feels a little lost in all the uncertainty. With the situation and guidance changing every day, we - as a small business - have a lot to think about, including how we can continue to provide our services for our customers and our artisans.

As a sustainable business, we try our best to be as transparent as possible, especially concerning our supply chain. We know all of our artisans personally and have spent a long time forging friendships and working relationships together. Many of our small scale producers rely on our trade as their main source of income, shopping small has a direct impact on these communities. The same can be said for all small businesses, buying their products or using their services has a direct impact on the owners, their families and the groups of people that they work with.

We are incredibly grateful for all of our wonderful customers who continue to support us during this trying time. We know that money might be getting tight now, you may be self-isolating and unable to get out and support the small businesses that you love, so we have compiled this list of ways you can support small businesses during this time, with budgets large or small, and with no budget at all. 

  1. If you are still able to go out and pick up essentials, consider using your local small businesses instead of the supermarkets. If you need food, many local greengrocers, butchers and zero waste shops are currently better stocked than the supermarkets! Plus, you will be helping to keep a business afloat that is often at the heart of a community. If you need soap or toiletries many boutiques still have a good range of quality products.

  2. Buy vouchers. Whether you buy online vouchers or vouchers in store (if you are well and the shops are still open) buying a voucher will help keep many small businesses afloat and it lets them know that you are still going to be there for them when all of this is over. You could gift these vouchers for birthdays or Christmas or simply keep them to use at a later date. This works great for restaurants, cafes and salons too, not just shops!

  3. If you have a class or appointment booked, for example a yoga class or a haircut, consider rearranging the appointment instead of asking for a refund if you are able to. Not only does this help financially, it also shows support to the business owner that you are still interested in their services. 

  4. Consider subscribing to services offered by local businesses that you love. For example, magazine or newsletter subscriptions or veg box subscriptions from your local greengrocer. 

  5. Leave reviews for businesses that you love! You could leave these on their social media accounts, website, Google, Tripadvisor etc. If you have bought products you could also leave individual reviews for each of these products. This not only shows your support to the business but also helps them reach new customers.

  6. Most businesses will have online stores, consider using these if you are unable to go in-store. We are currently offering free delivery in the UK, just use code FREESHIPPING at checkout. Many restaurants are now also offering contactless delivery options so you can order food from them to be delivered straight to your door without having to come into contact with anybody. 

  7. If you can, donate to local, independent charities, especially specific items that food banks / animal shelters / women's shelters might be in need of. Call ahead to see what they are low on and see if you can help. You could also consider volunteering your time to talk on the phone to vulnerable people who may be feeling lonely at this time. Check with your local charities if they are in need of any help.

  8. You could buy a membership to your favourite local gym, cinema, theatre, music venue etc. This helps to keep these spaces alive so that they are still there for you to enjoy when things return to normal.

  9. Consider exchanging products instead of asking for a refund, many businesses (including us!) will also offer exchanges for store credit that you can redeem at a later date.

  10. Share and repost social media posts from your favorite businesses! Not only does this show your support, it also introduces your friends to the small businesses that you love!

  11. Check if your fitness centre or yoga studio is offering online courses. Some of these are free, and most are affordable, costing around £2-£5. Many local businesses are also offering live streaming services, so keep your eye out for these. 

  12. Share photos on your social media of products you have already purchased,  a print from a local artist you love, a cushion from your favourite small boutique, merchandise from an amazing local band. This helps not only show your support for the business but also gives them content to share when things aren’t running how they usually would.

  13. Keep your memberships and subscriptions if you can afford to do so. We know this won’t be possible for everyone, but if it is something that is accessible to you it is a great way to provide support. 

  14. Simply send a kind message of support! These are tricky times we are navigating through and simply letting your favourite business know that you will be back and you support them through this time means a lot. 

Lastly if you have any questions regarding our services or your orders please do not hesitate to get in touch, you can email us at or send us an Instagram DM @artisansandadventurers


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