March 02, 2020


This International Women's Day the world is celebrating #EachFor Equal a campaign for a more equal world. The perfect opportunity to ask our all female team what they think is the most pressing issue, when it comes to equality between the sexes and within feminism.


"I grew up in a time where the workplace was very different, I didn't always enjoy this and had my fair share of inappropriate encounters. We have come far since those dark days but we still have farther to go. We have to applaud the changes that have happened and work towards making more. Getting more women into Parliament and technology by shrugging off the idea that women who want equal opportunities are angry feminists. Equality in feminism needs to be inclusive of older women in the workplace too, because women in their 50's are still fully capable of having ambition and understanding the modern world. I have a close friend and high flyer in the tech world, who in her 50's is constantly sidelined, feeling she has to look and act younger to compete. We are all strong and we are serious! We can all be the change for a more equal society."


"Parents have a big responsibility to change perceptions of male vs female roles starting from day dot. I was very lucky as a child that my parents brought me up to be whoever I wanted to be, I was never told I couldn't do something because I was a girl. I used to help my dad chop wood for the fire and also learnt to cook and help around the home, in the evenings we'd draw and make things and in the Summer I would play out all the time and never get told off for coming home covered in mud although I still enjoyed dressing up for special occasions. A friend with a young daughter recently told me that it's almost impossible to find a non-fitted top for a one year old! The design industry has a big responsibility to catch up with the idea of gender neutrality and put a stop to the sexualisation of young women and instead encourage play and exploration rather than sterotyping.."


"Stereotyping genders can lead to systems or laws on the basis of sex. Maternity and Paternity pay is a hotly contested subject as all parents are capable of raising children, deserving equal parental leave. I know mothers and fathers who are stay at home parents, let's encourage all sexes to engage in all areas of family life, by not assigning gender roles."


"For me, the most pressing issue is the starting point we take when discussing equality, if we begin by dismantling issues within feminism such as transmisogyny and gendered islamophobia, we can insure that we're fighting for real equality for all people. By refusing to accept stereotyping and assumption, we can begin to work towards a world in which all peoples experiences are heard and valued."  


"I think we need to be more gender fluid, being careful not to get caught up with traditional feminine vs masculine roles in society."


"Each for equal to me is very much about celebrating our collective diversity as women - challenging perceptions and stereotypes. This has always been important to me. I always want to celebrate our different strengths and perspectives as we've long been limited by visions that didn't do that."

If you'd like to find out more about our wonderful all female team, head to our team page.



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