Hand Painted Paper Maché | Kashmir Crafters

March 29, 2018

Hand Painted Paper Maché | Kashmir Crafters

A short flight from Delhi surrounded by the Himalayan mountains, is the Northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Predominantly Muslim, the area is famous for its hand painting, carpets and chain stitch embroidery originally brought to the state by Iranian artisans some three generations ago.
kashmir river sceneryWe visited at the end of January when the weather was very cold but still breathtakingly beautiful. The locals wear long, heavy woollen smocks over their clothing and sit working cross legged around baskets filled with hot coals to keep warm in the Winter weather. 
Whilst visiting we stayed on a traditional house boat, heated by log burners. Each evening we were treated to home cooked paneer and lotus root curries served with rice and yoghurt. 
house boat accomodation in kashmir
Each day we went out to visit different artisans in their homes, learning about the crafts and working together on developing new designs. 
amy fleuriot designer at artisans and adventurers in kashmir
Artisans hand paint designs onto handmade paper mache shapes and tin containers. 
Hand painting paper mache craft in kashmir
Made from a mixture of pulped recycled paper and water our bunnies are moulded and left to dry before being hand sawn in half to create the base shape for our trinket boxes below.
paper mache bunnies in kashmir
Kashmir has a long tradition of chain-stitch embroidery and rug making. The houses of the artisans specialising in these were luxuriously furnished in elaborately patterned textiles. We didn't want to leave!
kashmir interiors
hand embroidery kashmir
interiors photoshoot kashmir home
We couldn't travel all the way to Kashmir without taking a trip up into the mountains. Drinking authentic saffron tea in a tin shed, to warm up after trekking through snowy peaks was one of the trip highlights.
amy and bee drinking saffron tea in kashmir
kashmir in the snow
The sunsets are truly spectacular and we couldn't pass up the chance to take a boat ride out onto the lake on our last night.
sunset over a lake in kashmir
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